Bank Ninja Phrase Buster

Banking Ninja Phrase Buster


Improve your Chance of Passing the Bank and Financial Services Interview by 300% with just 1 Hours additional preparation


Talk the language the Interviewer uses and hears everyday in the industry will massively Sky rocket your chances of passing the Interview by influencing the Interviewer to like you in a positive way.


There is a proven Interview Technique called Mirror and Match which suggests the candidate matching the body language and voice tone of the interviewer to build rapport, which is a very skilled technique and the candidate needs to have massive confidence to pull it off, this Banking Language Guide is an improvement of the mirror and match technique as it uses language already used in the industry.


We will show you how to take your Interview Examples from non Financial Services Industry and add the Language to them which will make you instantly appealing to the Interviewer and make you sound like an industry expert. This only takes a minor adjustment on your part.


Already in the Financial Services Industry ?


Don’t worry, this is equally applicable to current industry candidates to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunities you deserve.


If you have work experience outside the industry this will suddenly catapult you above candidates already in the industry who are not using this language.


•Become instantly likeable to the Interviewer


•Build Rapport from the Off


•Make yourself sound like an Industry expert


•Immediately Put Yourself above the competition


•3 x More Likely to Outscore the competition


Over 100 Words and Phrases to Use in Your Interview Answers