Bank Industry Research Guide

Banking Industry Research For the Interview


Ever had an Interview and needed to know more about the Banking Industry ?


Well our expert insiders can give you all the Information you need to know about the industry background before you have the Interview. You will receive the most up to date Information about the industry as prepared by an Industry HR Expert in collaboration with Industry Insight to enable you to answer opening phase questions about current developments, challenges in the industry.


•Save time on your Interview Preparation


•Know only the information about the Industry that you need to know


•Up to Date and regularly updated


•Concise and Accurate


•Increases your chances of passing - especially as you can get the Interview off to a Great Start with the Opening Question about the Industry Background.



How much does it cost?

Well… how much could we charge for this?

Based on how much these guides are worth in assisting pass the Interview, We could sensibly charge up to £500.

£250 per head, tempting.

I’m charging…


Fifty pounds. CHEAP!